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About Oyster Digital Media

Founded in 2007, Oyster Digital Media has developed the first end-to-end solution for retail digital media and merchandising. With a founding team of executives from retail technology, technology retail, merchandising and digital media, Oyster’s focus is on enhancing customer experiences through communication.

About the Founder, Jordan Scott Baltimore

Before graduating from New York University's Stern School of Business, Jordan Scott Baltimore had already launched and sold his first venture, an IT Services firm that worked with some of New York's leading retailers. Having sold that business in 1996, Jordan went on to grow a single-site computer store into one of the country's Top 100 CE Retailers, with sales of over $5 million from a 700 square foot location.

Jordan then earned his MBA from Duke University's Fuqua School of Business at the age of 25, while working as a Strategy & Marketing teaching and research assistant and also working nearly full-time hours at Circuit City in Durham, North Carolina, where the idea for Oyster Digital Media was born. Jordan was also an early member of the strategic marketing team at Viacore, a high tech supply chain startup in Southern California that was eventually sold to IBM.

Jordan joined Goldman Sachs in 2001 before leaving that firm to become a founding member of Empirical Research Partners, an equity research boutique. Returning to industry, Jordan became COO of a regional building materials distribution firm that tripled in size under his direction. He left after three years to launch Ocean Supply, an international distribution and development company based in New Jersey and in the Turks & Caicos Islands.

In 2007, Jordan brought together nearly 20 years of experience in marketing, retail, technology, operations and finance to launch Oyster Digital Media with a team of leading executives from retail, technology & media.